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Dr Donna Westbrook  - Melanoma Scan Skin Cancer Clinic
Dr Donna Westbrook

Current Qualifications:

Dr Donna Westbrook joins us from our Mitchelton location. Dr Donna Westbrook joined Melanoma Scan in 2010.

Since joining the team at Melanoma Scan, Donna has gained competency in many areas of skin cancer medicine, and regularly performs flaps and grafts for small to medium sized lesions on the face and body, as well as cosmetic wound closures using dermal sutures.

Donna has commenced studies towards gaining a Diploma of Dermatology and the Masters of Medicine in Skin Cancer Medicine from the University of Queensland.  She has many years experience in skin cancer and has experience in dermoscopy of pigmented and non pigmented lesions and experience in flaps and grafts.  Donna has a warm and caring nature that makes her popular with our patients.

Dr Donna Westbrook is one of our female doctors at Melanoma Scan with booking available at the our Toombul Skin Cancer clinic.

Current Qualifications


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