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Dr Paul Annells - Melanoma Scan Clinicr Doctor

Current Qualifications:
BMBS, FRACGP, Master of Medicine (Skin Cancer)

Dr Paul Annells received his bachelor of medicine and surgery from Flinders University in South Australia in 1993, and gained recognition as a fellow of the College of General Practitioners in 2000. He completed his Master of Medicine in Skin Cancer in 2011.

Dr Annells began his training in skin cancer medicine in 2000  when he was employed  at a skin cancer clinic at the Centro Toombul Shopping Centre.  He has had extensive experience in skin cancer work since then and completed many weekend courses and diplomas, in addition to in house training he received prior to branching out on his own. He has completed diplomas in dermoscopy and advanced skin cancer surgery.

His commitment to the Toombul area and the wider community of Northern Brisbane has resulted in the opening of both the Toombul and Mitchelton Melanoma Scan clinics in 2005 and 2006 respectively.  During this time Dr Annells has trained over 12 rural trainees in skin cancer work.

Surgical skills

Dr Annells performs skin grafts and has extensive experience in flap surgery for facial skin cancers.  His skills include full thickness and partial thickness skin grafting for repair of defects caused by cancer removal.  He has experience in the use of a variety of flaps for closure of small and medium sized defects on the face.  His expertise with flaps includes  advancement, rotation and transposition flaps and also the specialised use of myocutanous flaps for reconstruction of nasal tip cancers.  The myocutanous flap utilises a pedicle of muscle under the skin to supply blood to the flap when it is moved to reconstruct the defect from cancer removal.

He performs wedge excision for cancers situated on the vermillion of the lip and has experience with vermillionectomy, the removal of the entire lower lip with reconstruction from the mucosa of the mouth.  He has extensive experience in cosmetic wound closure including the use of dermal sutures for internal closure of wounds without the need for external or visible sutures.

Current study and skill development

Dr Annells is a member of the Skin Cancer College of Australia and New Zealand. He attends regular meetings in the field of skin cancer medicine to keep abreast of developments in skin cancer medicine.

Current Qualifications

BMBS, FRACGP, Master of Medicine Skin Cancer


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