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Melanoma Scan's Engaging Popup Store

Melanoma Scan's commitment to promoting skin health and skin cancer prevention extends beyond traditional medical settings. We recently had the opportunity to set up an engaging popup store at Toombul Shopping Centre. This popup store provided a dynamic platform for us to connect with the local community, raise awareness about skin cancer, and educate individuals about the importance of regular screenings.

Popup Store at Toombul Shopping Centre: Connecting with the Community

The popup store at Toombul Shopping Centre offered an accessible and central location to engage with individuals from diverse backgrounds, raising awareness about skin health and promoting proactive measures for skin cancer prevention. It provided a unique opportunity to interact directly with visitors, deliver informative content, and offer resources to support individuals in prioritizing their skin health.

Informative and Interactive Experiences:

At our popup store, our dedicated staff created an inviting environment designed to foster informative and interactive experiences. Visitors had the opportunity to engage in meaningful conversations, seek expert advice, and access educational materials to deepen their understanding of skin cancer prevention and early detection.

Key Highlights of the Popup Store:

  1. Skin Cancer Risk Assessments: Our team provided complimentary skin cancer risk assessments at the popup store. By evaluating individual risk factors and discussing sun exposure habits, we offered personalized guidance on sun protection practices, self-examinations, and the importance of regular screenings. This proactive approach empowered individuals to take ownership of their skin health.
  2. Educational Resources: The popup store was well-equipped with a range of educational resources, including brochures, pamphlets, and visual aids. These resources offered comprehensive information about skin cancer risks, warning signs, and preventive measures. Visitors had the opportunity to access these materials, empowering them with knowledge to make informed decisions about their skin health.
  3. Sun-Safe Tips and Demonstrations: We provided practical sun-safe tips and demonstrations to educate visitors on effective sun protection measures. From proper sunscreen application techniques to selecting appropriate sun-protective clothing, our team shared valuable insights to help individuals reduce their risk of sun damage and skin cancer.
  4. Encouraging Regular Screenings: Our team emphasized the importance of regular skin cancer screenings as a proactive step towards early detection. We highlighted the benefits of professional examinations and educated visitors about the process involved. By encouraging regular screenings, we aimed to empower individuals to prioritize their skin health and take proactive measures towards prevention and early intervention.

Community Impact and Empowerment:

The popup store at Toombul Shopping Centre had a significant impact on the local community. By engaging directly with individuals, we were able to raise awareness about skin cancer risks, educate visitors about preventive measures, and emphasize the importance of regular screenings. Through personalized interactions and informative experiences, we empowered individuals to take proactive steps towards their skin health and encouraged them to share their knowledge with family and friends.

Melanoma Scan's commitment to community-driven initiatives, such as popup stores, demonstrates our dedication to advocating for skin health beyond medical consultations. By actively participating in local events and engaging with the community in accessible locations, we strive to create lasting change and empower individuals to prioritize their skin health as an integral part of their overall well-being.


Melanoma Scan's recent popup store at Toombul Shopping Centre served as a powerful platform to engage with the community, raise awareness about skin cancer, and promote proactive skin health practices. Through informative interactions, educational resources, and personalized assessments, we empowered individuals to take charge of their skin health, prioritize regular screenings, and adopt sun-safe behaviours. By participating in such community initiatives, Melanoma Scan aims to make a positive difference in the lives of individuals and contribute to the broader effort of reducing the impact of skin cancer.

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