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Promoting Skin Cancer Education for Older Australians: A Visit to a Retirement Village

Skin cancer is a prevalent health concern in Australia, and early detection plays a crucial role in improving outcomes. With a growing population of older Australians, it becomes increasingly important to educate and raise awareness about skin cancer among this demographic. Recently, Dr Boon and Dr Cassandra Faris from Melanoma Scan Toombul had the opportunity to visit Bernborough Retirement Village at Ascot and conduct an informative education session. This article highlights the significance of such initiatives and sheds light on why older people in Australia need to be educated about early detection of skin cancer.

The Importance of Early Detection

Skin cancer is the most common form of cancer in Australia, with more than 2,000 deaths occurring each year. However, when detected early, the survival rates are significantly higher. This is why education on early detection is crucial for older Australians, as they are particularly susceptible to skin cancer due to cumulative sun exposure over their lifetime.

Increased Risk Factors for Older Australians

  1. Age-related Changes: As we age, our skin becomes more vulnerable to damage from the sun. The natural aging process leads to thinner, more fragile skin that is less able to protect against harmful UV radiation.
  2. Lifetime Exposure: Older Australians have typically experienced more sun exposure throughout their lives. Cumulative sun damage increases the risk of developing skin cancer.
  3. Decreased Immune Response: The immune system's ability to detect and eliminate cancerous cells weakens with age, making older individuals more susceptible to skin cancer.
  4. Delayed Detection: Older individuals may have impaired vision or limited mobility, which can make it challenging to detect changes in their skin. Regular education and skin checks can help overcome these barriers.

Educating Older Australians in Retirement Villages

Visiting retirement villages, such as the recent visit to Bernborough Retirement Village by the Melanoma Scan team, provides an excellent opportunity to educate older Australians about skin cancer and the importance of early detection. These education sessions aim to:

  1. Raise Awareness: Many older individuals may not be fully aware of the risks and consequences of skin cancer. By providing accurate and accessible information, we can help them understand the importance of prevention and early detection.
  2. Highlight the Warning Signs: Education sessions emphasize the signs and symptoms of skin cancer, empowering older individuals to recognize potential abnormalities in their skin and seek medical attention promptly.
  3. Encourage Regular Skin Checks: Education sessions stress the significance of regular skin checks conducted by healthcare professionals. By promoting the habit of self-examination and professional assessments, we can enhance early detection rates.
  4. Address Barriers: Older Australians may face barriers to seeking medical assistance, such as limited transportation or fear of medical procedures. Education sessions can address these concerns, provide reassurance, and offer practical solutions to overcome barriers.


Skin cancer education is crucial for all Australians, and older individuals benefit from targeted awareness campaigns and education sessions. The recent visit to Bernborough Retirement Village by the Melanoma Scan team exemplifies the commitment to raising awareness about skin cancer and promoting early detection. By educating older Australians, we can empower them to take proactive steps towards protecting their skin and seeking timely medical attention. Together, we can reduce the impact of skin cancer and improve the health outcomes for older Australians across the country.

*Note: The information in this article is intended for educational purposes only and should not replace professional medical advice. If you have concerns about your skin or suspect skin cancer, please consult a healthcare professional.

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