Mole Removal

Not all moles are dangerous but sometimes the location can be annoying causing irritation. At Melanoma Scan we perform cosmetic mole removal with simple in-house surgical procedures.

What is a mole?

A mole is a growth of melanocytes and skin cells, otherwise known as a melanocytic naevus. Usually brown or black -- that can appear anywhere on your body. They usually show up on children and teenagers before adulthood. Most are moles benign, meaning they’re not cancerous therefore not requiring mole removal procedures.

Who gets moles?

Everyone has at least one mole on their body, but some people have many. People with many moles may be diagnosed with dysplastic naevus syndrome, especially if their moles have an asymmetrical appearance. It's best to stay on top of the moles on your body to check for skin conditions (worst case scenario: skin cancer) with a regular skin check with your doctor.

When should I get a mole removed?

If a mole is changing or growing it should be seen by a doctor for a skin check. The skin Doctor will diagnose the mole as either a benign or atypical naevus. Atypical naevi may be imaged and watched for change using specialised imaging systems. Alternatively, if thought to be at risk, the Doctor may remove the mole to check for melanoma. You will need to watch the area, as sometimes a mole can grow back.

 If a mole is in a place that can rub when you get dressed or shave, or it is unsightly cosmetic mole removal is also an option. A simple shave procedure can completely remove an unsightly mole from your face, arms or body.

How is a mole removed?

First, your skin doctor will perform a mole check. If the mole doesn't look normal, the Doctor will have the mole removed straight away.

A mole is usually removed using a biopsy technique, which can include punch excision, shave excision or ellipse excision. The college of dermatologists recommends that if a biopsy is deemed necessary, then complete excision of suspicious moles be performed where practical to assess for melanoma.

Mole removal is a surgical procedure, and as such should be preformed by a skin doctor within a surgical environment.

What does cosmetic mole removal involve?

Cosmetic mole removal involves the removal of a mole to give the best cosmetic result. This often depends on the particular skill set of the surgeon, but in many cases a shave excision when the surgeon has adequate training will result in both an excellent cosmetic outcome once healed, and also an adequate sample to send to histopathology to rule out melanoma. Removing a mole may require a cosmetic mole removal procedure where local anaesthetic is administered. Doctors prefer to do mole removal surgically so a biopsy can be performed to rule out melanoma and other cancers.