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Skin Cancer Clinic

Surgical Procedures

Unsightly lumps and bumps can affect your self confidence and can often be painful and annoying. At Melanoma Scan we can remove these lumps and bumps with simple procedures.

What types of Surgical Procedures are performed at the clinic?

In addition to skin cancer excisions, lump and bumps can be removed in the clinic.  These include benign lumps like

  • neurofibromas,
  • sebaceous hyerplasias (faces),
  • haemangiomas (cherry moles)
  • sebaceous cysts /hydrocystomas of the periocular area (around the eyes)
  • plantar warts

How are these Surgical Procedures performed?

Lump and bump removal can be done with a shave excision in some cases (neurofibroma, hydrocystomas/ haemangioma) or with a surgical excision in the case of sebaceous cysts. 

Operation times range from a few minutes for shave excisions, to 30 minutes or more for sebaceous cyst excisions. Your doctor will advise you on the amount of time needed to treat your individual concerns.

What after care is involved in these Surgical Procedures

Aftercare involves a dressing for a week or more for a shave excision and application of antiseptic cream.  Excisions which have been sutured will usually be kept dry for a week prior to suture removal at day 7, followed by up to three months of taping the wound with micropore to minimise any scar tissue stretch or thickening.

Other Specific Procedures

Plantar warts

Plantar warts can be painful and can affect your quality of life.

Plantar warts can be removed using low sting techniques where the wart is curetted out using a combination of cryotherapy / curettage / diathermy under local anesthetic if needed.